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Welcome! I am an amateur photographer armed with a small digital camera and an overenthusiastic desire to capture everything I see. Which means I have 25 years of photos scattered somewhere in the form of slides and photo albums (from my analogue camera days), on USBs, in files on disused computers, on an old, neglected blog, Google Drive, Google Photos, dusty camera chips, Kodak picture CDs, lost or broken mobile phones.…so, in short, I am an unorganised amateur photographer. This website is an attempt to rectify this defect.

Very soon after moving from my native land Down Under to Spain at the end of the previous century, ready for exciting new adventures and exotic Spaniards, I met the father of my son with whom I was to live for the entire duration of my residency. As a Spaniard himself, he introduced me to a side of Spain I would never have had seen as a tourist armed with only a book of 501 Spanish verbs and a limited list of key phrases. He helped me fall in love with the cities and villages, Spanish artists and architectural styles, the food I would never have thought of trying, and the out-of-the-way places I would probably never have had the opportunity of visiting.

In the end I stayed there for 20 years and worked as a tour guide for American school groups in the holidays, travelling to some of the most exotic and visited tourist hotspots in the country. This experience taught me even more about what the land had to offer. It also taught me that middle-schoolers are not fond of walking.

Now I’m based in the UK and this photography blog combines two of my favourite things - photography and writing about this amazing country, and is my chance to share with those interested in a side of Spain you don’t see or read about so much in the usual travel blogs. It is a work in progress as I try to sort through the thousands of photos I've taken over the years. The photos I have published here will be updated with place names as I become more organised and my dusty memory cells get a reboot. If there is a photo you’d like to know more about, or a subject you’d like to read in a blog post, please feel free to write to me below and if you wish to know when a blog post is published, subscribe and I’ll be happy to send it to you. :)

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